motto CompletTrad- 3 races, 7 continents, over 5100 spoken natural languages in the entire world. We provide comunication!

The team COMPLET TRAD is a young team, but with experience within the field of translations. Our enthusiasm for the trade we practice and our total involvement in the work with our customers get to providing services based upon quality and promptitude.

Our main objective refers to satisfying the customers’ requirements, finding practical and modern solutions for every problem of yours, correspondingly meeting the communicated message. It is not hard to accomplish seeing that our personnel only consists of translators authorized by the Ministry of Justice in Romania.

As we know very well how difficult a customer is gained, but how easily one can loose him/her, we try and hope to succeed in offering our customers services based on quality, professionalism and promptitude, seriousness, flexibility and confidentiality.

We are waiting for you to enable your communication!

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