motto CompletTrad- 3 races, 7 continents, over 5100 spoken natural languages in the entire world. We provide comunication!

We are at your disposal for the following services:

  • Translation

    . We enable the communication process from and in over 30 languages, in any field, both for standard deeds (certificates, diplomas etc.) and for complex materials of the juridical, economical, technical, software, medical fields etc.
  • Certification

    . If case, we can also enable your documents certification both in the foreign language the transcription was made in and of the source documents. 
  • Super-certification

    . In order to greet our customers, we enable inclusively the super-certification (visa and appostile) of your documents so that they can be used with trust in the country requiring them.
  • Interpreting

    . Both for interpretations in front of an authority and within conferences, social events or certain presentations, our collaboration will displace at the location requested by the customer, being previously informed on the subject the translation is needed.
  • Supplementary.

    At our customers’ request we send the finite product by electronic mail, offer it in electronic form (floppy, CD, DVD), print it on paper or deliver it through the agency of the Romanian post office or of the quick courier companies.
  • Miscellaneous

    . Our customers may also beneficiate from services of scanning, text processing, typing, printing, copies and internal or international fax.

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