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  • The standard documents can be translated both for the following day at a normal tariff, and in the same day by applying an emergency tariff, depending on the requested language.
  • For the materials not included in the standard category, the tariffs differ depending on the requested language, the difficulty degree, theme, submission term and the volume of the text to be translated.
  • The quotation for a page to be translated is computed per word (300 words/page), per characters without spaces (1800 characters/page) or per characters with spaces (2000 characters/page) depending on the source document.
  • For works surpassing 30 pages as volume, the prices can be negotiated depending on the difficulty degree and the submission term.
  • For the customers proving loyalty to us we offer discounts depending on the number of papers requested.
  • The prices are expressed in RON and are VAT exempted. The payment can be made in cash or by money order.
  • For more information you can contact us through the agency of our e-mail address or directly by phone, both being on the contact page.

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